As many of you know, in light of the coronavirus situation and government guidance, CALM took the decision last week to suspend all training until further notice. 

As the situation has progressed, we now have a few more important updates for you regarding how to contact CALM and the kind of support we will continue to offer.

Contacting CALM: 

While our office base is now closed and our phones will not be answered, any voicemail messages left will be picked up and responded to. 

If you need to get in contact with us for any reason, the best way to do so is through our email. We ask that you please do not contact staff on either personal or work emails; these emails will not be checked nor responded to. 

Ongoing Support, Free Offerings, and Online Training: 

While we are no longer able to offer any face-to-face training during this period of lockdown (*unless in very exceptional circumstances of severe and immediate risk), we have been working on some innovative ways to continue to provide our user organisations and community with support during this difficult time. We have several free online training events we’d like to share with you (see below) but would also like to take a moment to say something about the importance of community connection in our current circumstance. 

The arrival of the coronavirus has brought considerable uncertainty and challenge to all our doorsteps. We at CALM – like all of you – are concerned for the health and well-being of our families, friends, communities and all those we support; but we also trust that we will get through this challenge – together. 

At the heart of CALM’s approach – all the way from our personal values to our practice strategy – is a deep belief in the importance of our interconnection. As we stress in our practice model, the well-being of one depends on the well-being of the many; and this is never more clear than right now. We must seek ways to support and maintain our connection with each other; for it is through our interconnection that we nourish the strength, hope, and courage to meet the difficulty we face. 

While we are being asked to distance ourselves physically in order to ensure the containment of the virus, it is of the utmost importance that we find novel ways to provide each other with support and guidance during these trying times. 

The CALM team has done a lot of thinking on this over the past week and we’ve decided on a few offerings that we hope can bring learning, grounding, support and connection as we all band together to weather the next few months.

We want you to know we are here for you. We know this situation is hard for all of us, and that it may be even harder to navigate for many of the people you support. This will be a time of significant change and disruption to routine, which may cause a great deal of anxiety and stress; and that distress may manifest in behaviour that challenges. We know that services and individuals are already doing their best to prevent crisis. If you are unsure or uncertain about practice or just want to touch base, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Helen and Brodie are on hand to host group calls and online meetings with service managers, organisational leaders, CALM Associates and Instructors in order to provide guidance, share challenges, advise on best practice and offer general support during this trying time. We are also developing and will issue further written guidance where it may be helpful and appropriate for us to do so.

While we aren’t able to answer phone calls we will respond to emails sent to and make further contact where needed. We will – as always – do our absolute best to help you work through your specific challenges and find an approach that supports everyone involved. 

Please have a look at the free offerings below and be sure to check our Facebook page and website for future updates on this and more. 

We hope to see you all online very soon, and in the meantime, please take care.

The CALM Team



*Please check our website for up-to-date information on more free offerings and future online training

FREE Professional Development Seminars hosted by our Clinical-Director, Dr. Brodie Paterson:

Join our 1st Free seminar on 1 April 2020 “Working with Change, Uncertainty and Fear”

Change and uncertainty can evoke a fear-based response whether we are using or providing a service. Understanding the nature of this response and how we can ground and stabilise ourselves in order to be present to the distress in others, as well as provide a safe space for their distress to be acknowledged, are always useful skills. Given the current challenging circumstances we all face, such knowledge and skills may be particularly useful in both our professional and personal lives.

Other up-coming Professional Development Seminars:

*Dates to be announced. Please check our Facebook page and website regularly for updated details

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