Learn to nourish your own wellbeing.

Cultivate your mindfulness and compassion.

Respond more wisely, and sensitively, to the people you work with.

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Who is CALM Presence for?
CALM Presence is a 2 day course for teams or individuals who are working with or supporting people who may experience distress. Often people who work in the fields of social care, education, or health can experience stress and burnout. Mindfulness and compassion training can support people to nourish their own wellbeing as well as becoming more attuned to the people they’re working with.

What’s Involved in CALM Presence?
CALM Presence is experiential. The heart of the course is learning and training in mindfulness and compassion practices and exploring how cultivating inner calm can enable more attunement and create positive relationships. In addition to this, the course explores the science underlying these practices as well as strategies to enable individuals within teams to support each other.
What are the benefits of CALM Presence?
CALM Presence enables participants to access their capacities of awareness, compassion and self-care. Not only does this enhance staff wellbeing, reducing stress and burnout, it also enables staff to relate to the people they support with increasing sensitivity and attunement.

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