Do you work with people who experience distress? Do you or your colleagues suffer from compassion fatigue, burnout or stress?

Finding ways to nourish our own wellbeing can not only help us cope, we can also realise a more sensitive, wise and responsive approach to the people we work with.

This session will offer an opportunity to nourish our self-care through calming the nervous system, and resting. Resting is a crucial part of resourcing ourselves to face the day-to-day stresses and challenges of life, but often even when the body is resting, the mind is still busy. The mindfulness practices offered in this session will help you to grow the habits of ease; no matter what is going on around you.

Participants will engage in a mindfulness practice, as well as some discussion around the practice. Although there is no requirement to speak in the larger group if that doesn’t feel comfortable, there will be one short breakout room discussion in groups of three.

Session Structure:

  • Short intro to mindfulness 
  • Mindfulness practice 
  • Discussion 
  • How to create new habits/neuroplasticity 
  • Growing happiness/savouring practice 
  • Three stage Breathing space practice 
  • Integrating ease into day-to-day life 

Who is this session for?

This session is for anyone and everyone! No previous knowledge or experience of mindfulness is necessary. 

Please click on below dates to register for this free offering – and please book into more than one session if you feel you could use a little extra calm this week 

Please note that all sessions will take place via Zoom. 

CALM Presence Taster Session 

Interested in bringing more calm to your organisation?  

Our CALM Presence Taster Session is an on-demand session for individuals or leaders within orgs who are interested in the 2-day CALM Presence training. 

  • The rationale for CALM Presence (links with CALM Theory, Staff Wellbeing and Reciprocal Flourishing) 
  • The benefits and opportunities offered in the training particularly in building positive relationships between staff and staff and those who they support 
  • A brief overview of what is covered and the potential impact; such as reducing burnout and stress and enhancing connection and self-awareness 
  • An exploration of the approach of creating a compassionate system within a service 
  • Q & A 

Session length: 1hr 

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