Combining a sound practice base with extensive management experience has given George the solid footing in which he functions within the Learning and Development Consultant role. His understanding of the needs of individuals is evidenced in his training delivery.

Participants have consistently commented on George’s ability to react to the needs of those who are attending his course. Currently undertaking a Master’s program would suggest that George has a reckless streak. His ability to achieve to an incredible standard is testimony to his commitment to CALM.

This reckless nature is noted in his love of speed. George is a petrol head who loves formula one and Superbikes. It would appear that his professional ambitions and his personal life are well matched.

Combine a strong value base with a commitment to excellence and you have Joanne Cameron. Prior to her current Learning and Development Consultant role, Jo worked within a range of challenging services within the voluntary sector. Jo is passionate about making a difference and improving the lives of others and previously supported individuals whose lives were characterised by negative reputations and isolation to achieve a valued and included role within their communities.

Jo is known for her unique ability to connect and engage with people; course participants consistently refer to this within feedback from their learning experiences with Jo. This is a golden thread that shines through Jo’s practice. Within our team Jo is a great source of support to us all, we benefit greatly from her ability to listen and make us smile with her sense of humour and fun.

As one of our longest serving members of staff, Alan has over 20 years’ experience of working in services across a range of public, private and voluntary organisations in a variety of roles, including inspection and regulation. Most recently Alan worked for the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) as the Manager of the Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme.

Alan knows the value of supporting people and embodies this in the training he delivers. His approach has allowed CALM to benefit from the relationships that he has developed. Alan has a particular passion around the support that Parents, Carers and particular Foster Carers receive. He drives this agenda forward within the organisation in a way that makes CALM market leaders in this area.

Alan’s hectic work life is augmented and supported by a close knit family. He is central to the development of CALM, bringing a specialist knowledge base that is second to none.

Bryan’s practice based background allows him to deliver CALM Training to those who attend his courses in a way that understands real situations. As a lead in learning and development within a large London Borough he has the ability to pick apart complex situations and difficulties and present them to participants in a simple yet comprehensive way. Along with colleagues Bryan has driven CALM’s development of our Early Years Program and has a particular interest in seeing this early intervention strategy being developed further.

As an accomplished martial arts practitioner Bryan’s ability to approach any situation in a calm and precise manner is evident in the way he approaches the training room. Recently taking to the stage has shown a hidden depth to Bryan’s character. This creative side has added to his other roles as an impassioned petrol head and dog lover …

Since joining CALM Joanna has demonstrated an ability to use her specific knowledge about the Education Community to support CALM in the progression of its education portfolio. Her problem-solving approach is applied both to training delivery and to program development. She continually advocates for new and dynamic ideas to be augmented within the CALM suite of training such as e learning, assisting CALM using organisations to achieve internal change in a way that easily meets their needs.

Joanna has used her personal attributes as an accomplished musician to the benefit of those who attend her courses. She is creative, engaging and inclusive in her delivery. She is exact in terms of her knowledge of the area she works in particularly the area of Additional Support Needs. As CALM’s youngest member of staff her age belies her experience which is both mature and values led. Like all CALM staff she is a valued asset to CALM and to the people we support.

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