As CALM’s longest serving member of staff Helens commitment to the CALM Vision is unprecedented. Helens professional training has given her a solid foundation by which she directs CALM internally and externally. Her attention to detail has created an organisation that is attentive to customer needs and ultimately drives a training model that is second to none within this sector.  Helen recognises the essential nature of good customer relationships and has developed exceptional skills in this area that allows CALM to value the customers that commission our Training Model.

Helen is passionate about CALM and the people who are integral to this success of the Organisation. Her organisational abilities are assisted by an extremely supportive family background, including her twins. Her life is packed full of interesting and varied activities which she somehow manages to achieve to an exceptional standard.

Terri brings broad and deep experience to CALM, having worked with both young people and adults in education services, social care services, psychotherapy and beyond.

Prior to joining CALM, Terri worked in further and higher education settings, managing online programme delivery in West College Scotland, and project managing the development and design of online qualifications in the University of the Highlands and Islands. Terri also managed a day service in the Mungo Foundation for adults with profound and multiple disabilities, where she specialised in the development of alternative multimedia communication systems.

At Quarriers, one of Scotland’s leading social care charities, Terri designed training in people skills, managed and developed work-based learning programmes for service users, and developed Quarriers’ online learning programmes. While working at Quarriers, Terri also undertook a degree in Digital Education which revolutionised her view of the importance of digital media in effective and innovative learning. It is Terri’s commitment to both social care and the digital learning sphere that brought her to design the digital learning ecosystem at CALM.

Sandra’s strength comes from her unique ability to use her extensive practice background to understand the knowledge and skills participants require to maximise their potential to work in a person-centred and outcomes focused way. Her passionate belief in the power of learning and development to expand human potential, transform lives, and shape new visions for leading and learning is what drives Sandra.

Sandra strives to ensure that CALM Training’s customers are receiving the very best training, support and consultancy that will really make a difference to the organisation teams and ultimately the individuals receiving a service. An important aspect of Sandra’s role is quality assurance, by ensuring that our programmes and Learning and Development Consultants are cutting edge in the learning they share and their approach to delivery. Sandra works closely with our training team to develop the best learning experiences for all who participate our learning programmes.

As an exceptional listener and problem solver Sandra’s use of diplomacy has allowed her to create a role within CALM that achieves the best possible outcomes for the people involved. Her positivity is transferrable to all who meet her.

As an experienced practitioner George has brought his person centred approach to CALM. He has worked in collaboration with the whole CALM Team to create a forward thinking, dynamic organisation who embrace change with open arms. His business acumen is driven by his value base believing that people deserve the best. He has been instrumental in providing this best practice through the training he delivers and the expertise he brings to CALM’s future growth.

Humour is extremely important to George, bringing an informality to the organisation that is appreciated by customers and staff.  George is proud to be a member of the CALM Management Team and values the depth and breadth of experiences he has gained through CALM users and the CALM Team as a whole.

Servena McIntyre is the Head of CALM Australia. She brings almost 30 years of working across the social services sector in Australia in a range of service types, organisations, and roles. She has worked as a practitioner, counsellor, researcher, and executive in practice, counselling, research, safeguarding and organisational design and transformation.

Servena is a proud First Nations woman who has spent her career championing inclusive policy and practice where participation is the heart of service design and delivery. Her work in building people and organisational capacity is highly regarded and has resulted in new practice models, services, and organisations. Servena holds qualifications in social services, quality, leadership and change and business.

Servena has been a critical partner for CALM in Australia for the past two years where she has supported the implementation of the CALM model in two organisations. She now joins the CALM team to support other services and organisations in Australia who would like to do likewise.

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