Course Overview

The Physical Intervention Instructor Programme prepares practitioners to deliver the CALM Physical Intervention Course training programme as part of their work role. 

This instructor programme teaches individuals to competently apply as well as teach a range of physical interventions and restrictive physical interventions. It explores the role of restrictive physical interventions as a last resort and as a part of overarching strategic responses to behaviour that challenges at an individual and an organisational level.  

The Physical Intervention Instructor Programme, 

  • Explores the necessary commitment to the reduction of restrictive interventions and how to achieve this 
  • Introduces learners to the role of the Restrictive Physical Intervention Instructor and develops their ability to use teaching plans and to manage the training room safely
  • Enhances learners’ abilities to work with and teach groups, identifying and responding to group and individual need in order to facilitate the acquisition of relevant competence and positive values  
  • Introduces learners to the key legal/guidance and advisory documents for their service sector – so as to assist the placing of this training in a proper/correct context 

Participants competency to serve as a CALM Physical Intervention Course Instructor is assessed by an independent verifier at the end of the course. There is also an assignment to complete following the programme along with the development of an in-house teaching plan – all of which is assessed. 

Certification is for 12 months from the date of assessment 

Please note, CALM only teaches physical skills in specific contexts and situations subject to training needs analysis. Risk assessments and behavioural audits must be engaged in to ascertain not only whether there is a legitimate need for physical skills training but also importantly WHICH techniques should be taught. To assist with skill acquisition, retention and ultimately safety, techniques must be limited and must be chosen to meet current operational risks only. Only staff exposed to risks directly, and/or those with the responsibility to intervene, should receive training in physical skills, as should their managers. ALL staff MUST have undertaken the CALM Core Theory course PRIOR to undertaking CALM Physical skills training. 


At CALM, we believe that the safest intervention is the one you never have to apply.  

We believe: there is always a reason for the distress which presents as challenging behaviour; that skilled support and planning is the key to humanely working with such distress; and that restrictive physical interventions should only ever be used as a last resort. 

CALM’s approach is always to reduce the use of restrictive techniques, placing emphasis on primary prevention and strategic approaches to restraint reduction.  


Are non-aversive and non-pain based
Are independently bio-mechanically evaluated
Follow a hierarchical approach to physical intervention designed to meet key legal principles

What you’ll learn

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Who is This Course For?

Education Services

Mainstream schools, ASN (Additional Support Needs) schools, SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools, SEBN (Social, Emotional, Behavioural Needs)

The CALM Physical Intervention Instructor Programme is a whole sector approach that can benefit anyone working in Education Services.

Roles: Pupil Support Assistants, Catering and Estates staff, Teachers, Principal Teachers, Head Teachers, Class-room Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Special Needs Assistants, Early Childhood Educators, Educational Psychologists, anyone in a Learning and Development role, anyone in a supervisory or senior management role.

Social Care

Residential Childcare, Supported Living, Housing Support Services, Respite Care, Day Supports

The CALM Physical Intervention Instructor Programme is a whole sector approach that can benefit anyone working across the Social Care Sector.

Roles: Anyone in an L & D role Support Assistants, Support Workers, Senior Support Workers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Operational Managers, Social Workers, addiction workers, workers with homeless, anyone in a supervisory or senior management role.

Health Services

In patient dementia and older adult services, adolescent and young people in patient settings, Addiction services, Homeless services, forensic services 

The CALM Physical Intervention Instructor Programme is a whole sector approach that can benefit anyone working in Health Services. 

Roles: Health Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Doctors, addiction workers, project workers, Reception/Admin staff, Community Health staff, Multi-disciplinary roles such as Speech and Language therapists, OT’s, anyone in an L & D role, anyone in a supervisory or senior management role. 


What Others Say

” I came on the course expecting to learn how to teach physical intervention skills – I learned so much more!! My eyes have really been opened to this area of practice. It is clear that CALM have a real passion for ensuring that the use of physical interventions are reduced as much as possible. I feel I have gathered so many practical examples and strategies that these will provide a really useful roadmap for my service. I feel renewed and reinvigorated – to go back and try new things that I really believe will make a substantial difference “

Participant on CALM Physical Intervention Instructor Programme
” I didn’t realise that so little has been done to safeguard vulnerable people with regard to the use of restrictive interventions – the lack of mandatory guidance and enforcement of standards, the poor quality of research, the partisan views – all makes you think that what we have been carrying out is a massive experiment – with the vulnerable people we support as the guinea pigs. It’s clear that CALM are passionate about trying to change this, I will certainly be doing more too “

Participant on a CALM Physical Intervention Instructor Programme

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