Course Overview

In working with people who experience distress, feelings of fatigue, burnout and stress can seem unavoidable. However, by finding ways to nourish our own wellbeing – cultivating our own innate capacities for mindfulness and compassion – we can discover that not only are we better able to cope, we can realise a more sensitive, wiser and more responsive approach to the people we work with. Relationships are at the heart of the work we do and growing our strengths of calmness and presence brings about the possibility of Reciprocal Flourishing. 

This course has been developed for those who have completed the CALM Core Theory Course and wish to explore strengthening our capacities for self-awareness, self-regulation and self-care. For all of us in a care-giving or supportive role the focus on ourselves can seem uncomfortable at first; but the more we resource ourselves, the more energy, availability and presence we have for others. 

How CALM Core Theory Online Works

Our digital learning environment will facilitate deep learning through a range of different exercises and modalities. With videos, podcasts, online assessment, reflective work, and lessons all hosted on an ultramodern learning platform, the CALM training experience and expertise is available at your fingertips. 

A Blended Approach
  • Work through the online units at times that suit your schedule. There are 8 self-study online units. Each module is assessed and tracked online. 
  • Join a passionate cohort of like-minded individuals for our LIVE seminar component. Each course will finish with a live seminar to draw learning together and allow for reflection, group discussion, connection to practice and for questions to be posed and answered. 
Flexible to Suit Your Organisation
  • The online course can be undertaken unit by unit at a pace that suits participants, with a duration agreed to suit each organisation.
  • You can also have your organisation bulk buy places and use them at a later date. They will not expire. 

What you’ll learn

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Who is This Course For?

Education Services

Mainstream schools, ASN (Additional Support Needs) schools, SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools, SEBN (Social, Emotional, Behavioural Needs) 

CALM Core Theory Online is a whole sector approach that can benefit anyone working in Education Services. 

Roles: Pupil Support Assistants, Teachers, Catering and Facilities staff, Principal Teachers, Head Teachers, Class-room Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Special Needs Assistants, Early Childhood Educators, Educational Psychologists, anyone in a Learning and Development role, anyone in a supervisory or senior management role.   

Social Care

Residential Childcare, Supported Living, Housing Support Services, Respite Care, Day Supports 

CALM Core Theory Online is a whole sector approach that can benefit anyone working across the Social Care Sector. 

Roles: Support Assistants, Support Workers, Senior Support Workers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Operational Managers, Social Workers, addiction workers, workers with homeless, anyone in an L & D role, anyone in a supervisory or senior management role.   

Health Services

Nursing Homes, in patient dementia and older adult services, adolescent and young people in patient settings, Addiction services, Homeless services, forensic services 

CALM Core Theory Online is a whole sector approach that can benefit anyone working in Health Services. 

Roles: Health Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Doctors, addiction workers, project workers, Reception/Admin staff, Community Health staff, Multi-disciplinary roles such as Speech and Language therapists, OT’s, anyone in an L & D role, anyone in a supervisory or senior management role. 


What Others Say

” The impact this course has had on me is tangible. I often perceived Mindfulness as purely a way to relax or calm down. Now thanks to CALM Presence, mindfulness is an integral part of my life… both at home and at work. Being aware of “me” in the present and the impact that I can have on others, has created a more contented, productive and happier me. “

The CALM Presence Course
” The course itself gave me an opportunity to reflect on myself as a practitioner. It has allowed me to connect more deeply with the CALM principles/values of kindness and compassion. “

The CALM Presence Course
” My sense of worth exploded as a consequence of attending this course. As a worker I can give greater meaning to what I do, as a person I can give more of myself without losing sight of my needs, as a human being I can show greater humanity to others. Definitely the best 2 days I’ve ever spent on me… and it was still considered work! “

The CALM Presence Course

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