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Sometimes levels of distress for children and young people can become so overwhelming that they may pose a physical risk to themselves and others around them. CALM understands and acknowledges that at these times it may be necessary to hold the child and all involved must ensure this takes place as safely as possible. 

We know that children are often held as an act of care and as a last resort by untrained and often unsupported carers trying to do their best. Although not intentioned this creates dangerous situations. CALM feels strongly that we have a professional responsibility to provide much needed training in this area. The programme is designed to prepare parents and carers for exceptional situations where physical intervention and/or escape techniques may represent the last resort to prevent serious harm. The course will teach you to physically intervene proportionately, compassionately and in ways that maximise psychological and physical safety. 

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This course designed for anyone who has a child in their care who has additional support needs.  

Our Parent/Carer/Foster Carer Physical Intervention training courses are also often accessed by social workers and managers who support parents, carers and foster carers. 

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