Course Overview

Who cares for the carers? The vast majority of care is delivered by parents or carers who are often left largely unsupported and whose training and support are often not recognised or addressed. This can leave parents and carers in an unsafe position, unsure about what to do for the best. We believe that parents and carers have the right to quality training and support tailored to their circumstances and needs. 

Simple interventions can and do make a world of difference. Having access to bespoke training that meets all of your needs is vital for anyone in a caring role.  CALM will listen and explore and help you understand why behaviour that challenges is happening. Together we can develop strategies aimed at reducing distress and maximising safety. These may include physical skills where required as a last resort. 

This course is designed specifically with the needs of parents / informal carers / foster carers of children with learning disabilities / autistic spectrum disorder. This course can be delivered flexibly over evening and weekends if necessary, to meet your needs. 

How CALM Core Theory Online Works

Our digital learning environment will facilitate deep learning through a range of different exercises and modalities. With videos, podcasts, online assessment, reflective work, and lessons all hosted on an ultramodern learning platform, the CALM training experience and expertise is available at your fingertips. 

A Blended Approach
  • Work through the online units at times that suit your schedule. There are 8 self-study online units. Each module is assessed and tracked online. 
  • Join a passionate cohort of like-minded individuals for our LIVE seminar component. Each course will finish with a live seminar to draw learning together and allow for reflection, group discussion, connection to practice and for questions to be posed and answered. 
Flexible to Suit Your Organisation
  • The online course can be undertaken unit by unit at a pace that suits participants, with a duration agreed to suit each organisation.
  • You can also have your organisation bulk buy places and use them at a later date. They will not expire. 

What you’ll learn

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Who is This Course For?

This course designed for anyone who has a child in their care who has additional support needs.  

Our Parent/Carer/Foster Carer Theory training courses are also often accessed by social workers and managers who support parents, carers and foster carers. 

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