Learning and Development Manager

Sandra Bao

Sandra’s strength comes from her unique ability to use her extensive practice background to understand the knowledge and skills participants require to maximise their potential to work in a person-centred and outcomes focused way. Her passionate belief in the power of learning and development to expand human potential, transform lives, and shape new visions for leading and learning is what drives Sandra.

Sandra strives to ensure that CALM Training’s customers are receiving the very best training, support and consultancy that will really make a difference to the organisation teams and ultimately the individuals receiving a service. An important aspect of Sandra’s role is quality assurance, by ensuring that our programmes and Learning and Development Consultants are cutting edge in the learning they share and their approach to delivery. Sandra works closely with our training team to develop the best learning experiences for all who participate our learning programmes.

As an exceptional listener and problem solver Sandra’s use of diplomacy has allowed her to create a role within CALM that achieves the best possible outcomes for the people involved. Her positivity is transferrable to all who meet her.

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