Course Overview

Due to the increasing recognition of the prevalence and impact of trauma, organisations now have an opportunity to truly become trauma informed. It’s cutting edge practice that enables you to achieve outcomes by best meeting the needs of those you support. 

CALM start from the position that people whose distress may present as behaviour that challenges do not only have behaviours of concern. They have human rights, and relationships. They value connections, and need hope, inspiration and purpose in order to find new meaning in lives that have very often been affected by the multi-dimensional, inter-connected and often intergenerational nature of trauma.   

Behaviours such as aggression, violence, and self-harm reflecting histories of neglect, abuse and trauma are not only distressing for those being supported but may also leave staff feeling frustrated, helpless and even frightened. CALM’s unique integrated approach provides practice models, comprehensive training solutions and effective strategies to prevent behaviour that challenges, de-escalate developing situations and manage crisis more safely.  

This course is mapped against the current best practice guidance and is designed for staff in services supporting children or adults whose lives may have been affected by trauma. 

How CALM Core Theory Online Works

Our digital learning environment will facilitate deep learning through a range of different exercises and modalities. With videos, podcasts, online assessment, reflective work, and lessons all hosted on an ultramodern learning platform, the CALM training experience and expertise is available at your fingertips. 

A Blended Approach
  • Work through the online units at times that suit your schedule. There are 8 self-study online units. Each module is assessed and tracked online. 
  • Join a passionate cohort of like-minded individuals for our LIVE seminar component. Each course will finish with a live seminar to draw learning together and allow for reflection, group discussion, connection to practice and for questions to be posed and answered. 
Flexible to Suit Your Organisation
  • The online course can be undertaken unit by unit at a pace that suits participants, with a duration agreed to suit each organisation.
  • You can also have your organisation bulk buy places and use them at a later date. They will not expire. 

What you’ll learn

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Who is This Course For?

Education Services

Mainstream schools, ASN (Additional Support Needs) schools, SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools, SEBN (Social, Emotional, Behavioural Needs) 

CALM Core Theory Online is a whole sector approach that can benefit anyone working in Education Services. 

Roles: Pupil Support Assistants, Teachers, Catering and Facilities staff, Principal Teachers, Head Teachers, Class-room Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Special Needs Assistants, Early Childhood Educators, Educational Psychologists, anyone in a Learning and Development role, anyone in a supervisory or senior management role.   

Social Care

Residential Childcare, Supported Living, Housing Support Services, Respite Care, Day Supports 

CALM Core Theory Online is a whole sector approach that can benefit anyone working across the Social Care Sector. 

Roles: Support Assistants, Support Workers, Senior Support Workers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Operational Managers, Social Workers, addiction workers, workers with homeless, anyone in an L & D role, anyone in a supervisory or senior management role.   

Health Services

Nursing Homes, in patient dementia and older adult services, adolescent and young people in patient settings, Addiction services, Homeless services, forensic services 

CALM Core Theory Online is a whole sector approach that can benefit anyone working in Health Services. 

Roles: Health Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Doctors, addiction workers, project workers, Reception/Admin staff, Community Health staff, Multi-disciplinary roles such as Speech and Language therapists, OT’s, anyone in an L & D role, anyone in a supervisory or senior management role. 


What Others Say

” It felt so emotional learning about trauma and realising that what was being described could explain much of the distress that the person I support experiences. How could we have missed this? “

The CALM Trauma Informed Practice Course
” The learning and discussion on the use of seclusion was a real eye opener. I am going back to my service to ask more questions but also alert my manager to the legal aspects of what I have learned on the course. “

The CALM Trauma Informed Practice Course
” I feel that I’ve had the chance to see the other side of situations that I really haven’t thought about before. This is going to change what I do from here on in. Can’t wait to get back to work now! “

The CALM Trauma Informed Practice Course

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