CALM offers a range of consultancy options for all user organisations no matter your stage of implementation. We are also happy to provide some of these services to non-CALM organisations. 

Some examples of our consultancy services include the following: 

Managers Workshops

A day or halfday event, onsite or online where we’ll explore:  

  • Key legislation and guidance  
  • Learning lessons from reports and enquiries 
  • External and internal challenges to best practice  
  • Professional frameworks 
  • Workforce wellbeing  
  • The business case for CALM  
  • and much more 

This workshop is invaluable in preparing managers for implementing CALM in their services and supporting staff as they begin their journey through CALM. 

Review of practice documentation

This can include an over-arching approach to reviewing and advising on ALL practice documentation in the field of behaviour that challenges; from personalised risk assessments to incident reports to debriefing protocols and many more. 

We can offer advice, provide templates and create bespoke documents that meet legal requirements, reflect cutting edge best practice and suit organisational need. 

Personalised plans and environmental audits

Consultancy can be provided that focuses exclusively on the individual, their support needs, the impact of the environment and the effectiveness of current strategies. The ‘team’ and it’s culture is also an important dynamic, and as challenging behaviour can often result in divisions, we can work with teams to promote confidence, consistency, resilience and look at ‘what works’ within a positive framework; as people-people – this is what we love to do most!

Policy review and development

We can help those responsible for policy development to start the process themselves by working closely alongside your staff as we co-create the policy together, or, we can be tasked to write the policy for you. Whatever your chosen approach you can be sure it will produce a policy that is clear, cohesive and fit for purpose. 

Help When You Need It

Expert Witness Services

CALM staff and in particular Dr Paterson our Clinical Director have considerable experience and acknowledged expertise in providing expert witness reports in civil litigation, criminal investigations, coroners inquests, fatal accident inquiries and cases involving alleged professional conduct. Sectors covered include health social care and education.  

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