The Transformational Power of Good Training  

This [course] has been transformative. There are so many aspects of what I have learned about the importance and value of relationships with the people we support and also with my colleagues that I am going to take back to my workplace and everyday practice commitments. – CALM Course Participant 

Good training changes you. It opens you up to new perspectives; empowers you to face challenges head on; gives you confidence in your ability to respond to a crisis.

For over twenty years, we’ve seen good training transform personal and organisational practice, and enhance whole-organisation wellbeing.

CALM’s approach to training stems from our diverse professional and practice-based roots; our first commitment is to the safety and quality of life of people in services – both those being supported and the staff providing the support.

The calm training method

How do we see this commitment through?

Our whole-organisation approach

We believe the only way to provide truly transformational support is to champion the wellbeing of everyone in your organisation. When you support the wellbeing of your staff, they are best able to support others. We teach staff more than just skills; we teach staff to understand both themselves and the person presenting the behaviour – not just to control themWhat results is a whole-organisational environment based on compassion and focused on prevention.  

Our relationship-first focus

Relationship comes before everything else. We begin every engagement with a deep dive into understanding your unique needs, challenges and perspectives. We value our relationship with you and pride ourselves on or record of continued support. Our guidance doesn’t just stop when the course ends – all clients become part of the CALM community of dedicated practitioners – and we take care of our community! 

Our 20+ years of on the ground practice experience and clinical leadership

CALM has been empowering you to support your service users for nearly 25 years. We know the challenges you face because we’ve been there ourselves. We know the skills you need because every year we partner with hundreds of organisations just like yours. We know the best way to guide you because our practice is always grounded in the latest scientific evidence. 

Our values-led professional courage

CALM chooses what’s right over what’s easy. This is professional courage. We believe having those hard conversations is the only way into the heart of the matter – and that’s where we want to go – straight to the heart of compassionate care. Our training is dynamic, eye-opening, and sometimes challenging. We’re often told how the journey through the training programme is almost more powerful than the course content itself.  

What type of training suits you best?

Don’t settle for just one kind of support.

CALM’s Unique Integrative Practice Model

In some approaches, one practice model will dominate – usually focusing on trauma, or attachment or behaviour.  

But to truly make sense of behaviours that challenge, you need a model that integrates an understanding of trauma and attachment and behaviour. CALM brings you this multi-lens perspective. 

Once you start to look at behaviours that challenge through this “multiple lens” approach, the result is deeper understanding about both the potential roots of challenging behaviour, and the development of positive support strategies. This shared collective understanding underpins improved consistency of practice, leading to greater predictability for the person being supported; which leads to lower anxiety and a positive impact on their behaviour. 

The trainer was so good! The information was presented in such an exciting and engaging way, with lots of movement and obvious passion for the topic – never a dull moment – kept my interest – ’til the end!

Participant on a CALM Core Theory Course

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