When our trainers are able to deliver face-to-face training, something unique happens. 

Our focus on ‘relationship-first’, candid discussion, and personal reflection fosters an environment of warmth, openness and clarity. The result is transformed perspectives and renewed commitment to whole-organisation wellbeing. 

In addition to the ‘environmental-shift’ that often occurs as a result of in-person training, there are numerous other advantages to choosing on-site training for your organisation.  

  • When we are able to ‘see’ your existing environment, this allows for the development of a deeper understanding, enabling us to tailor training to your needs more effectively. 
  • We come to you to deliver training onsite within your organisation or at a venue of your choosing. This can reduce costs such as staff travel.  
  • With on-site training we can also provide other ‘value-added’ services such as looking over documentation and providing feedback, meeting with other key staff, attending meetings, providing presentations etc.  

Our On-site Training Offerings

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