At CALM we aim to offer a wide range of flexible learning options which blend online self-study modules, live webinars and face to face training.


The advantage of the self-study approach is that it lets the learner and the organisation learn at the pace and the time that suits them, offering a personal reflective space that is different from our facetoface teaching.

In our online flexible-study programmes or courses, we recognise the need for a personalised approach which offers a variety of learning pathways. Our digital learning courses integrate:  

  • Reflective questions  
  • Case studies 
  • Multimedia  
  • Interactive exercises 
  • Podcasts 
  • Video inputs from the CALM team  
  • Explanations of CALM teaching 

…as well as a rich seam of academic reference, for those learners who want to work more in-depth with the evidence base CALM draws from.  

Our interactive approach, and the reflective workbook which accompanies it, will prove absorbing and easy to follow for most learners. We recognise, however, the strengths of group-based discussion, and for that reason provide a live webinar for all learners to draw the learning of the course together. Our course webinars include small group discussions as well as large group chat, polling and Q & A. Online assessment also provides learners with focus and accountability in working through the online course. 

Our Associate and Trauma Associate courses offer a similar mix of self-study and webinar learning opportunities online, with the addition of online forums which offer continuous opportunities for peer learning throughout the course of your qualification. 

Our Online/Blended Offerings

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