The strongest driver for sustained change is to embed expertise directly into your organisation.  


Our in-house trainer programmes package, 

  • our integrated practice model  
  • our whole-organisation approach 
  • our more than twenty years of clinical, academic and practice expertise in the field of behaviour support  

… and embed it directly into your organisation!

The value of having a CALM Associate lies not just in the cost savings but in the strategic advantage it brings your organisation 

Our Associate and Instructor programmes offer you the opportunity to develop an internal resource able to flexibly and independently deliver CALM courses within your organisation. 

Your CALM Associate can function as an internal consultant available to advise, mentor and support local services as well as contribute to the development and evaluation of policy initiatives. A CALM Associate is also able to customise the CALM courses – integrating key organisational policies and procedures and core organisational values and objectives into course delivery. 

Our Train-the-Trainer Offerings

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