CALM works across the globe with individuals and organisations across all sectors.

Whilst we are proud of our Scottish roots, we are a globally minded company – we believe every individual across the world deserves to be safe, treated with respect, and have the opportunity to live their best life. 

Below you’ll find examples of the sectors we frequently work with. Don’t see yourself? Don’t worry! It’s likely we have worked with someone like you in a similar situation. After all, we’ve been leading the field of behaviour support for over twenty years; and our staff have more than 250 years of practice experience and service leadership. Get in touch  – we’d love to discuss how we can be of service! 

Working Together

Education Services

Teachers want to teach. They want to use their skills and knowledge and passion to maximise the potential of every child in their classroom or school. Behaviour that challenges can lead to teachers feeling extraordinarily frustrated and feeling they cannot do their job. CALM get it. We understand the frustration and the anxiety. We’ve been those teachers searching for a better way to approach things. 

CALM supports schools and all school staff to understand and address the root causes of behaviour that challenges using a whole-school, public health approach through our integrative practice model. This enables staff to make sense of challenging situations and to develop child-centred plans to prevent, avert, de-escalate and more safely manage crisis. Such approaches promote and protect the human rights of both children and staff. 

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Always There for you

Residential Childcare Services

The aim of residential childcare is to create a safe and nurturing environment, focused on the development of therapeutic relationships that enable children to thrive. As many children are survivors of abuse, neglect and trauma, this can create many challenges for both children and staff.

CALM’s integrated approach supports the whole organisation, service teams and individual staff to provide support that reflects an understanding of the roles of attachment and traumatic events and how this can cause distressed behaviours. We also understand the impact that this distress can have on staff teams and how staff well-being really matters in the provision of high-quality care.  Our programmes enable staff to prevent and avert crisis compassionately and effectively, enabling children and teams to flourish in the achievement of positive and safer futures. 

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Caring for the little ones

Early Years Services

Nurseries and Early Years provisions in schools in the UK and beyond are going through one of the largest change programs to date. We recognise the specialist nature of your service provision and your expertise, in particular those areas surrounding child development. CALM supports Early Years providers and their staff to understand and address the root causes of behaviour that challenges using a whole-organisation, public health approach through our integrative practice model. A focus on attachment, trauma and nurture enables staff to make sense of challenging situations and to develop child-centred plans to prevent, avert and more safely manage crisis. 

Where supported by risk assessment, CALM is also able to provide a range of small hold techniques. The techniques have been developed for use as a last resort and always with the child’s safety at heart. Behaviour that challenges can lead to staff feeling extraordinarily frustrated and feeling they cannot do their job. We understand the frustration and the anxiety. We’ve been in this situation, searching for a better way to approach things. CALM get it. 

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Maximise Wellbeing, Minimise Distress

Adult Learning Disability Services

Behaviour that challenges can have a huge impact on the life of someone with a learning disability, family and staff. It can create barriers to people living their preferred life, developing connections, relationships and being included within their communities. We can help. 

CALM’s primary focus is on maximising wellbeing and prevention of distress. We integrate attachment-based and trauma-informed perspectives with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) – providing a comprehensive system and a suite of tools. These are then used to reflect upon the root causes of behaviour that challenges and to develop individual support plans designed to reduce distress and promote and protect human rights.  Staff matter too. We work hard to embed the use of reflection in everyday practice, creating opportunities for staff to learn and improve their wellbeing. 

Improving Quality of Life

Older Adult Services

Older people and those living with Dementia can become extremely stressed and distressed. Their confusion and disorientation may be very frightening with old memories and traumas sometimes re-surfacing. Their distress can sometimes result in aggression posing huge challenges to staff and families providing support – who may at times face violence when attempting to provide urgently needed care. The combination of the practical, legal and ethical issues involved can easily result in a stressed, frightened and frustrated staff group supporting people living with Dementia who are themselves severely stressed, this is not a safe dynamic. We can help. 

Our training focuses on the relationship between how we interact with and support people who may communicate in a way that presents as behaviour that challenges. The course is evidence-based, values-led and explores how we can use person centered assessments and care planning to reduce the stresses experienced by the individual, their family and the staff team. CALM work to best practice models, national legislation and relevant guidance including the Dementia Standards. Our aims are to promote human rights, improve the quality of life for the person and by doing so reduce the risk of restrictive practices being misused and improve safety for everyone. 

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Caring for the Carers

Parents, Carers, Foster Carers

Who cares for the carers? The vast majority of care is delivered by parents or carers who are often left largely unsupported and whose training and support are often not recognised or addressed. This can leave parents and carers in an unsafe position, unsure about what to do for the best. We believe that parents and carers have the right to quality training and support tailored to their circumstances and needs. Simple interventions can and do make a world of difference. Having access to bespoke training that meets all of your needs is vital for anyone in a caring role.   

CALM will listen and explore and help you understand why behaviour that challenges is happening. Together we can develop strategies aimed at reducing distress and maximising safety. These may include physical skills where required as a last resort. 

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Support for You

Personal Safety / Lone-worker

CALM works with many service sectors including some of the largest housing service providers, further education provision and customer service staff. Within many sectors including social care there has been a fundamental shift from staff working in buildings and in teams to staff increasingly working on their own. This can lead to staff feeling less safe and a need for organisations to develop new and different approaches to risk. Getting this right matters. 

CALM’s approach is to focus on the need for proactive rather than reactive action. We explore issues related to lone working such as risk assessment, positive communication skills, de-escalation and learning from critical incidents. We know how to support you, to support your staff better. 

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