Nurseries and Early Years provisions in schools in the UK and beyond are going through one of the largest change programs to date. We recognise the specialist nature of your service provision and your expertise, in particular those areas surrounding child development. CALM supports Early Years providers and their staff to understand and address the root causes of behaviour that challenges using a whole-organisation, public health approach through our integrative practice model. A focus on attachment, trauma and nurture enables staff to make sense of challenging situations and to develop child-centred plans to prevent, avert and more safely manage crisis. 

Where supported by risk assessment, CALM is also able to provide a range of small hold techniques. The techniques have been developed for use as a last resort and always with the child’s safety at heart. Behaviour that challenges can lead to staff feeling extraordinarily frustrated and feeling they cannot do their job. We understand the frustration and the anxiety. We’ve been in this situation, searching for a better way to approach things. CALM get it. 

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