Older people and those living with Dementia can become extremely stressed and distressed. Their confusion and disorientation may be very frightening with old memories and traumas sometimes re-surfacing. Their distress can sometimes result in aggression posing huge challenges to staff and families providing support – who may at times face violence when attempting to provide urgently needed care. The combination of the practical, legal and ethical issues involved can easily result in a stressed, frightened and frustrated staff group supporting people living with Dementia who are themselves severely stressed, this is not a safe dynamic. We can help. 

Our training focuses on the relationship between how we interact with and support people who may communicate in a way that presents as behaviour that challenges. The course is evidence-based, values-led and explores how we can use person centered assessments and care planning to reduce the stresses experienced by the individual, their family and the staff team. CALM work to best practice models, national legislation and relevant guidance including the Dementia Standards. Our aims are to promote human rights, improve the quality of life for the person and by doing so reduce the risk of restrictive practices being misused and improve safety for everyone. 

Training to benefit Older Adult Services

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